Monday, May 28, 2012

Moving on - and freezing up

So its Monday, and I am sitting on my bed writting this listening to some of my favourite songs. My house is pretty cold  but I dont want to put the heater on... Our cat Clio is keeping me company.

So I have found a new job. Or rather I think it found me...its another friend, and before you can say - but wasnt your last job with a friend as well. Yes it was and yes this is problematic even more so as there is no actual contract involved. I am going to help my friend who has been running a eventing company to run a division of this business for her. I will be soley in charge of the Networking event they have once a month. So I have to find the venues, speakers and do all the negotiations as well as find people to go to these events.

I have been helping her with the actual event once a month - packing gift bags, setting up the registration and running that during the event while doing some networking of my own for my company. (Were I was working)

So now the strange part about this all is that three/four years ago when I was helping AM (Angel Man) with his business - we came up with a concept of a ladies leadership group. The group would meet once a month and if they joined the group full on they got space on the website and preferential rates from each other stuff like that - we were also looking at starting a magazine of some sort or something like that.

So my friends concept is pretty much the same only she is dealing with SME's mostly. The events have been marginally successful. We need to up the numbers a lot though in order to be successful and obviously pay our salaries...

I am excited - I believe in the concept and I know that networking is a good way to do business.  We need to diversify and possibly offer workshops and other concept events...

Probelem is not a lot of people can actually network though - so I think maybe I should suggest a workshop on 'how to network'  ?? Not sure if this will work...

I also get to work from home which will be helpful with AB (Angel Boy) and life in general in many ways - if I can figure out how to manage it all and keep it all together.

So I am excited, scared but excited and hoping that this all works out and I can pull finger and actually make something work instead of failing misserably!!!
So here is hoping...

Monday, May 21, 2012

May 2012

Sorry for the dull title...but i have lost not only my sense of direction but my sense of humour as well.
So my contract has been cancelled and I was given one months notice - we are one week into that four weeks... I am looking for more working wondering what the hell happened to me and my plans for the future. Its been hard. Iv never been let go - Im always the one making the decision to move along before someone else can say they dont want me.
On the plus side my sons school phoned me on friday and told me they will allow my son to attend the hockey practice with the big kids... at the primary school. This is fantastic news!!
He will be practicing at school four days a week (seems excessive but hey he is super excited about it)

It has brought on an entire weekend of anxiety for me as I have no idea how he is exactly going to get from the pre school to the primary school grounds and back after the practice. he has never had to take care of his own stuff - hockey stick, shin pads, jersey and hat (its freezing out there today) and I am stressing about how he will manage to change out of his uniform and keep all his things together with no one to take car of him.....oi vey!!!! Freaking out!!!

In other news - but related to the work hunt, a friend has offered me a job with her start up company. She does business networking events once a month.  These are really fun and always interesting. Her business partner however recently left the company with all the contacts and so I am stressing that this is not going to do as well as she thinks and I have no idea how to make it happen faster or better or anything like that so I am afraid to take the leap into what would essentially be my own business in a way.

It is something to think about - its not like the jobs I have applied for are beating down my door to hire me so I am not 100% sure its not a good idea - all I can say is watch this space!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Looking for another job

All in all i should know when things get quiet and tranquil something is bound to mess it all up!!
I was told this morning that they will not be renewing my contract - it is not a suprise I should not be upset ...but I am :-(

A wonderful weekend

Yes you read that right - *I* had a wonderful weekend.  There is a lot to be said for the saying that says something along the lines of - 'you are the maker of your own destiny'.

We did hockey on Saturday and that did nearly make me lose it a little but i guess I still need to stop over reacting when it comes to the way people are supposed to behave an how they land up behaving.

Sunday Angel man got up and then came back to bed to tell me he had tried to make me heart shaped toast but our toaster was at my mom - he gets an A for effort! I dont want fancy gifts and meals and things I just really want him to see me and think about me like he used to.
He bought me a washing machine - and I really should not be as excited about a washing machine as I am...

After having a small lie in we got up and went to give my mom her gifts, then the husband looked at D's car - it was leaking water. They removed the pipe and while they were doing this we decided to go for breakfast at wimpy. less than 30 minutes later we were all dressed and eating breakfast.

We got home and to be honest im not really sure what we did - the gardener had not arrived so we pretty much stayed inside and the kids played and didnt fight too much. We sorted out remotes and we painted a wall (I am very excited about his - IT LOOKS AWSOME)

But honestly all in all it was a great day, quiet which it hardly ever is. No fighting not too much messing.

I am tired and sore and worried about my meeting at work tomorrow but all in all it was a good weekend and I hope we can have more of those!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Dressing up

Iv been thinking about my daughter and her girlyness this week. (Obviously with pics of her brother up on my blog how could I not do the same for her ;-)

 She is a very and i mean VERY girly girl. She at one point only wore dresses, she only wore pink or purple and she always needs to accessorise. Thank goodness we have gotten past the stage of ONLY dresses although that is still a big seller for her...

I am not a girly girl. In fact until I got married I only ever wore a watch as jewellry and I hated dresses or skirts and wore pants all the time. (Or jeans really) If I wore dresses they were over jeans ... I have no idea were she gets it from - its not me for certain ;-)

This child of mine loves bright colours and stripes and spots. She loves bling and buttons and clips and alice bands.

I used to be able to take R500 to Pep and buy G 7 tracksuits and socks and vest and everything else to go with it for winter and after bathtime put him in a tracksuit and thats what he wore to school - not this girl child. In fact I had to take her with me to shop for winter clothes she chose the brightest colours in the shop in fact here is an example

She chose this yellow spoted vest...

I love her quirky outfits that she comes up with and I wish I could buy her nice things and treat her to all the lovelies she likes, maybe one day I will. She is doing well with what she has right now which is a good thing I think!!

The shoes are black with pink flowers she has worn them to pieces!!

 She is long legged and long armed but still so squishy. She can curl up on your lap for a snuggle or wrap herself around you and insist that you carry here somewere.
She is so different to any four year old I have known. So little but so big. So independant but so dependant.

She always crosses her legs like this. and if not crossed she stands in an oppostie first position stance which i cant even begin to understand.

Look at the flower - it used to be on a dress her granny bought for her bithday now its a hair accesory in a side bun - mom has had to become proficient with hair pins!!

                                                 Her prefered suitcase - a pink handbag!!
It came as a surprise that she asked me to cut her hair short a few weeks ago 'to my here' she said brushing her shoulders with her hands in a sweep hair off the shoulder mime. It was really sweet she just wanted to feel that hair on her shoulders, and I remember that feeling as a little girl too.
So now she has a long bobby hairstyle that her mama cut for her. (this was a week or so before her brother decided to cut his)
So I did cut it and it suits her down to the ground - sassy just like her!!

The 'im cool and harcore' pose!! (lol)

They are both crowing up so quickly - it makes me scared... but I guess thats what life is all about!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Boy child requests a haircut

So yesteday afternoon on our way home from Play Therapy my son and I were discussing getting his hair cut. As you all know I am not a fan of the haircut that makes my son look his age, but when I told him that I would take him to get it done at the hairdresser on Saturday between Hockey practice and Hockey Round Robin in the afternoon (yes we are that insane and we do need help ;-) He then told me that he wants his hair cut short, so I asked inocently enough 'how short'? I mean lets be honest in a moms mind there are degrees of short right?!? So we used examples of people we know - the one he wanted was 'short like your uncle D' Which is a crew cut on a number 1 blade. Honestly I nearly started to cry!! But I didnt... I was strong! I told him he needs to speak to his dad about cutting it that short, we are talking about a man who was upset with me when I took angel boy to get his last haircut at the hairdresser that was really just a neatened up shaggy hairstyle anyway.

So when his dad got home he did ask him about the haircut.  Poor Angel Man who is also realising and taking strain on the fact that our son is getting big enough to make his own style choices told him if he really wanted short hair we could cut it like that for him (Angel Man has long curly hair and he detests the crew cut with a passion.  He did tell me that it was our sons choice and he needs to decide if he likes to have short hair or not, he hated having his hair cut even as a child but he had no choice)

My brother came down to our house with the cutter and before dinner he shaved Angels Boys hair, his thick hair was a struggle to cut D has never cut anything that thick before!!

 We took photos, he was very excited and when it was over he took a shower to get all the little hairs off and when i tried to dry it, he told me 'No mommy i want it to be up (spiky)' He was very proud of his new look!

This morning he woke up and I could hear him telling his dad 'Look daddy my hair is still short' in absolute awe!!
On the way to school he told me he really like the short hair but his heart doesnt. I told him that he could grow it if he wanted to to which he replied 'no - I like it short'

So that is that. Our 6 year old 'baby' boy has his first chosen hairstyle to go with his first ever chosen pair of shoes and jacket.

Growing up is hard to do - its even harder to watch someone else doing it!!

*** And there you have my first ever post with pictures. I hope you enjoy! **