Friday, July 30, 2010

I feel like crying!

you know when you find a job that is just perfect for you and you apply and you hope they call you so they can meet with you, and then they dont...
and then you find out the position has been filled already....

Monday, July 26, 2010

Movie Night

Well Saturday night went as well as i could have expected it to, all things considered... We were perpetually late all day, our caregiver did not pitch to look after the kids so we landed up taking them both with us... none of the kids landed up there on time, so i had no idea if i was going to land up walking down to make the anouncement alone or not. The powerpoint presentation didnt work for some reason and only one song worked. The kids that volunteered to waitress for the adult event didnt get fed and so got fed up with me but didnt tell me that they had not been fed. The kids all complained about the movies that were chosen and the brand of chips that the committee had donated to us for the night.
We could only feed half of the kids as the comitee had under catered for the youth and so we had loads of kids high on suger from the sweets with nothing to bring them down. The Seniors landed up playing soccer outside instead of watching the movie, and about 40 kids pitched most of them new kids to youth which added to the strain of just hubby and i working with them with virtually no help from anyone!!
Woke up on sunday feeling like a truck had driven over me, only for hubby to be on his way to work had to deal with the toddlers almost all day on my own while fielding a massive migrane - youd think id been partaking of the copious amounts of left over sherry on saturday, not dealing with a horde kids from 4 - 18!!
And now we start the work week all over again with 3 orders of pancakes for the youth fundraiser next week!! Woe is me i think i need my bed!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Work week vs weekend

Okay Okay I know i promised to post every day but its not my fault i promise. Work has its internet with interserve or whoever has the problem with seacom so our internet is basically non existant!! (or at least thats what the provider is blaming it on at this point)

Anyhoo, its been a busy week of clearing up personal stuff off of computers and mailing to my gmail account. Printing flyers for the youth fundraiser in two weeks, making banners organising projectors and snacks for saturday nights movie night and trying to get hold of the kids to remind them what to wear for the presentation during mass. What else... Starting to organise the stuff we need for the fundraiser and doing some needling to find out if our Parish council sees me fit to be their stand in youth/evangelisation rep. Trying to find out who will be going with me to WYD2011 and .... oh yes and i did some actual work as well.... ;-)

So far so good. Iv spoken to almost all the relative parties (all without actually calling them - this is prohibeted at my place of work!) So for now we seem to be on track. I still have to buy the snacks and make the popcorn and then tomorrow is the big set up and our coming out to the Parish 'show' should be great fun, im tired though and wish things could run more smoothly but until we have an established programme thats not going to happen.

Its still cold here, even though im sure its warmer outside than in the factory office im sitting in. I wish summer was here, but with 22 kids almost regular at youth imagine what the summer warms will do? (i get all excited and breathless just thinking about it)

Iv also realised that there is no way I can study accounting or bookeeping now. Its just really not my passion at all, and as far as im concerned iv spent long enough doing jobs that I hate just to earn a living! Its time I started to think about his properly!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Im tired today. The in law sat in our bedroom - were the computer is kept. Letting hubby show him all the cool things he has on it while trying to transfer stuff till 9.30 then picked a fight with me about living overseas vs living in SA. This is a moot point and he and the husband know this, and yet the conversation ALWAYS intails how amazing it is overseas vs here and how brother and sister in law are so amazing being overseas! This never bodes well for a monday night in general and yet I found my blood pressure sky rocketing at 9.30 at night. Once the two of them took the hint to go to sleep and lights were turned off, the dogs started chasing down the drivway and barking at nothing outside so for over an hour the husband tried to get them to stop. Eventually i must have dozed off but then the Boychild was having nightmares so i got up to masage his hands and ears (this helps sometimes) but about an our later he started again waking the little sister up. Both game bouncing into the room girlchild more than boy, i took the boy back to their room and left the girl and hubby in my bed and i tried in vain to sleep in her bed.
Needless to say but today i am cranky i have over 3 weeks filing to catch up, figures to double check and emails to delete and some covering up and hiding of stuff to do. I have a horrible sinusy, tiredy headach going on thats been with me since last night and absolutly no ambition to work!! POOR ME!

Friday, July 16, 2010


Yes its friday, finally and what i thought was going to be a weekend filled with fixing leaky taps and sorting out lights in my kitchen has turned out to be a weekend were my hubbys father will be driving up from PE arriving tonight at about 8.00 and staying till next week wednesday going to interviews and i suppose visiting his son and grandkids...
While i stress at the fact that i recently turned our spare room into a dumping ground for the rest of the house and we dont actually have a spare matress for the spare bed, hubby is totally calm and asking me why im so stressed.
Very good question! this weekend has turned into a huge mess. We were going to be off from Youth duty but one of the other leaders has had his days leave retracted and no one else seems willing to give up their snuggly beds on the coldest day of winter thus far! We were going to the 30th birthday of a good friend that i last saw on my own birthday in august last year!! Now we can only go after youth...
And to top it all off i sliced my finger open in the worst cut i have ever given myself smack bang in the middle of my index finger - its bad enough for me to think i may need stitches, this is when i am more than a little upset that i have no medical aid its been bleeding for a few hours and throbbing!
Anyway, TGIF indeed. Im looking forward to some window shopping for gift this afternoon then tea with my mom and whatever else the weekend has to offer! Hope you enjoy yours!

Thursday, July 15, 2010


I had the privilege to talk to an old friend this morning on facebook. We have been reconnected for a while but its the first time we've spoken about the fact that we both left school in the third term of our Standard nine year of High School. Its so weird when you think your the only one that suffered through high school and then you hear about other people you were actually with that were suffering just as much.
Teenagers are horrible creaturs - no let me say that again - kids are horrible cruel creatures.
And most of the time i just want to light a fire under my memories and watch them go up in smoke, but then i remember the good times and its like having a baby even though its hard work and it seems like there is no end to the horribleness of it they smile at you and you feel all gooey! I really hate it!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I promised myself that I would try blog every day or at least 5 days a week just to get back into the swing of things. Im finding it hard to figure out what type of blogger i am, other than a really shitty one. I like a few ppls styles of blogging i found this awsome blog recently I like the style which she writes its probably the simplest of all the blogs I read. Some people write too much ( i know that sounds rediculous) She is a graphic designer so i suppose thats why she writes so simply. I really like it. The other two I love are i love her pictures of food werever she eats and her love of SA!! And Http:// and are really really funny and they are moms so i love to read their blogs. I think resources have a lot to do with how your blog turns out. Im still working on it so i hope if anyone finds this blog they dont give up on me.

Monday, July 12, 2010

the suitcase 2

well i did go through the suitcase yesterday... and i did take out a couple peoples letters. I did keep the poetry paintings and stuff...but i have a bag full of letters sitting in the spare room instead of the suitcase which i call a definate improvement.
Its still hard although today i feel much better for it. I have asked one of the people if they wouldl ike to see the letters, you never know maybe im not the only hoarder on the planet, then again maybe i am....

Friday, July 9, 2010

the suitcase.

Its been a while I know, and im not making any promises but i have been reading an amazing blog and she has inspired me to try this again.

I was going through an old suitcase that once upon a time belonged to my favourite aunt. She used it to keep old momentos such as newspaper clipings, school magazines and letters from her friends. Also old outfits from special occassions - debutants ball, valentines dances, matric fairwells etc.
As a child I had a special fascination for this suitcase and when it was left at my house for some reason I stole it and would spend hours reading through the letters and trying on the dresses. I imagines myself wearing those dresses and having those friends one day.
Over the years I took over the suitcase with my own special momentos. Letters passed behind the teachers back during exam prep. Invitations photos. Stones. poems my friends and i wrote and diaries of my teenage years are all in this suitcase.
I have moved more times than i care to elaborate here but this suitcase has followed me bulging at the seams, a little more scuffed and a little more broken than when i first received it.
It came down from the top of my wardrobe a few weeks ago in order to find some pictures my friend B had asked me to find.
And i started in on my old love letters - this is an old bad habit of mine!! After finding the very last letter he sent me and how absolutly horrible it is I VOWED!! to throw all the letters out!!
Needless to say we are now weeks down the line and I had still not done it, so last night i started again with all intense and purposes I wanted to throw it all out except for my very recently found friends letters (Facebook gotta love it - occassionally) and my penpal that ive been in contact with since we were 12 (who is also on facebook who rarely even sends me an email me but anyway you know)
And well i cant throw the photos away and i cant throw the poems away and well... now i sit with the stupid suitcase realising how absolutly hateful most of my so called friends were but absolutly unable to toss the lot and move on with my life!!!
I was thinking about the reason i keep the suitcase in the first place and my hubby is convinced it is the sole reason i cannot let anything go EVER. But my latest thought is that i have kept it in order to one day reconcile that lonely sad teenager with the well ME.
Im not really sure how to do that, its hard when you find out your childhood was basicly one big fat lie and that your the only one that remembers it.
I have the weekend to think about it and then i really have to make a decision, once and for all. We commited to declutter our house and if i can get rid of that suitcase I can get rid of anything!