Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Its not monday but it is still work!

So I have this new job were I am the only sales person for a new product. Its software and im not really sure what I am doing. I will be honest I can sell ice to an eskimo no jokes but this product is a bit more difficult to implement than ice.
I need an IT kind of person to do the implimentation and training. The people currently doing this or rather the person doing this doesnt want to work with the product anymore. The financial manager wont employ new ppl and the current product manager - the only person who really know the back end is completly unable to train ppl and is on a permanent go slow due to his own work apathy issues!
Iv been told that I need to work on the budget for next year but becouse there is no history I cant only give estimated sales figures - but thats what they want. Im a bit more than just confused!!
Im working myself into a stand still. My brain actually hurts! I have this enormous pain in my neck and no idea how the hell im supposed to launch this product into the point the MD wants it with this much BS going on in his company!
I know you should never talk about work on the internet but this is basicly all my life is able to handle at this point. I dont know which way to turn!

I have an almost 5 year old boy with no party planned becouse of a selfish friend who changed her plans and forgot to tell me.
I have two toddlers at home from the 10th of December to the 10th of January, and no one to look after them.
I have a family who doesnt seem able to make a final decision about what we are doing for christmas and no way of compramising.
And christmas three weeks away.
no bonus given at the hubbys company
7 years of marriage not really celebrated.
I cant find that hole i crawled into last year!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Good weekend was had by all who count

So I feel a bit better today. Instead of spending the weekend working like i promised myself I would. I decided to spend it with my family. Friday night Angel Man rented "how to train a dragon" fo rthe kids which we landed up watching with them while munching on homemade pizza. Lovely movie and the kids love love loved it!!
Saturday we went to an open day at a school we are looking at for angel boy. It looks like a fantastic school but fees are well over our price range with two little munchkins!! Spent the afternoon with my mom and sisters over a quiet lunch of my favourit rolls and cold meats with dessert of pasteish de nata (sorry cant spell and too lazy to check it) very yummy. Watched a seriously bad movie - brothers.
Sunday Angel man decided he felt like checking out the magalies markets so we got ready loaded kids and set out. turned out to be a major bust so we drove to Harties instead which was much better. Found these awsome pictures by Ann Gadd (dont know how to hyperlink) very cute!! and some other funky stuff. Its nice to be able to look at stuff again its been too long.
Sunday afternoon we did a braai with my mom sisters brother and sister in law coming over. It was nice and not too much fighting happened.
Early night and now at work. Same shit different day how boring!! need to get ready to go to a client that I totally forgot about. i dont have client clothes on today - oh well!!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Im sad. Im sad like I was in September over the anniversary but didnt realise then. This is the second time so iv sort of identified it sooner this time.
There is no reason to be sad as my dad was always working over this period, in fact it was one of his 'busy' periods and would work more now than usual.
I can only remember one christmas that he wasnt working but was on leave instead and I dont remember the actual Christmas but a shopping trip we took the week before were he found these amazing purple bear claw slippers - they were huge and fluffy and I remember him coming up to me and my mom to show me what he had found and how much he thought I would love them, his excitment was written all over his face - he loked like a little boy. Exactly how my brother looks now over chritsmas time!! He wasnt physically around but he love this time of the year so much. Its hard to explain but im trying not to cry right now!!

We were at my mom for tea and cake last night for my baby sisters birthday. She turned 16 yesterday and was spoilt rotten by all her friends. Im so happy for her. For the last 3 years she has been so super sick over her birthday that she couldnt finish school each of those years.

We spent some time discussing Christmas plans and holiday plans and stuff - we went round and round and eventually landed back in the beggining with just buying gifts as we normally do.
this will be the first year in 3 years that we have money to have a proper christmas. Last year we went to the MIL and FIL for the whole december and it totally sucked!!! The only redeeming point was to be at the sea!
This year my SIL and Mom have unanimously decided that we should eat at a restuarant instead of at home. My sister in laws reason is becouse my sisters fight too much and I always complain about the clean up. This coming from someone who is yet to get off her ass and actually make a drink in either my home or my mothers home without being asked and i do mean almost NEVER. I can understand that my sisters get mad at us. And as far as the cleaning and brining of food its the same I think everyone should contibute but even a simple dinner can be done and they dont even bring a cold drink for good ness sake!! My mothers excuse is better she says she will feel trapped at our house becouse of my dad and it will make her too sad - up till she said that i was going to argue but I cant argue with that I just dont agree with it. Im just not there for some reason.
Anyway so thats what we are going to do so let the shopping commence and the search for a nice place to have christmas lunch!!
I cant wait for next year!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Im here - thank god!

Oh my word - its been ages since I could get online and get back here - I missed you and im sorry, i promise I wasnt ignoring you and I will come back soon. Dont be sad little blog!!
So I totally got the job, on the same day that we got handed over and our house got reposessed! On my birthday too!
Its a wild ride! But after some serious praying and begging and pleading we finally got through to the attorney who agreed with us that it was actually a mistake and although we do owe a substantial amount of money we had been showing them that we wanted the house. So we were told to make a payment of R20k to stop the aution which was set for my daughters birthday the following month and then we could make an arrangment.
We finally got the R20k a week before they asked for it and then they agreed to restructure the bond back to the original amount - down the tube goes the last 4 years!! BUT on a positive side we have a house and roof over our head a loan we can afford to pay back I have a fantastic job which has enormous potential and Im so excited about that I dont sleep very well anymore, but that is a small price to pay with the knowledge that things are truly back on track and a decent christmas is on the cards amoungst some other exciting stuff.
So whats goin on in your lives?
Iv recently found THE MOST AWSOME BLOGGER her name is SAM and im going to try add her blog to my blogs i love sidebar thingy, here is her blog http://samsrainbowsandunicorns.blogspot.com/ read it its amazing!!
Otherwise its friday afternoon everyone except the big bosses have left and me that is and we have a busy afternoon/night ahead of us - no rest for the recently put back on ones feet.
Have a good weekend