Dressing up

Iv been thinking about my daughter and her girlyness this week. (Obviously with pics of her brother up on my blog how could I not do the same for her ;-)

 She is a very and i mean VERY girly girl. She at one point only wore dresses, she only wore pink or purple and she always needs to accessorise. Thank goodness we have gotten past the stage of ONLY dresses although that is still a big seller for her...

I am not a girly girl. In fact until I got married I only ever wore a watch as jewellry and I hated dresses or skirts and wore pants all the time. (Or jeans really) If I wore dresses they were over jeans ... I have no idea were she gets it from - its not me for certain ;-)

This child of mine loves bright colours and stripes and spots. She loves bling and buttons and clips and alice bands.

I used to be able to take R500 to Pep and buy G 7 tracksuits and socks and vest and everything else to go with it for winter and after bathtime put him in a tracksuit and thats what he wore to school - not this girl child. In fact I had to take her with me to shop for winter clothes she chose the brightest colours in the shop in fact here is an example

She chose this yellow spoted vest...

I love her quirky outfits that she comes up with and I wish I could buy her nice things and treat her to all the lovelies she likes, maybe one day I will. She is doing well with what she has right now which is a good thing I think!!

The shoes are black with pink flowers she has worn them to pieces!!

 She is long legged and long armed but still so squishy. She can curl up on your lap for a snuggle or wrap herself around you and insist that you carry here somewere.
She is so different to any four year old I have known. So little but so big. So independant but so dependant.

She always crosses her legs like this. and if not crossed she stands in an oppostie first position stance which i cant even begin to understand.

Look at the flower - it used to be on a dress her granny bought for her bithday now its a hair accesory in a side bun - mom has had to become proficient with hair pins!!

                                                 Her prefered suitcase - a pink handbag!!
It came as a surprise that she asked me to cut her hair short a few weeks ago 'to my here' she said brushing her shoulders with her hands in a sweep hair off the shoulder mime. It was really sweet she just wanted to feel that hair on her shoulders, and I remember that feeling as a little girl too.
So now she has a long bobby hairstyle that her mama cut for her. (this was a week or so before her brother decided to cut his)
So I did cut it and it suits her down to the ground - sassy just like her!!

The 'im cool and harcore' pose!! (lol)

They are both crowing up so quickly - it makes me scared... but I guess thats what life is all about!