Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Fathers Day 2014

Happy fathers day to the special fathers in your lives!

We don't really celebrate fathers day in our home - we (me and the kids that is) made Liam breakfast and the kids gave him their cards.

We will go do some shopping later and then this afternoon Liam will go to his larping event. Luckily its just down the road so he should be home in time for supper.

The kids and I will play games or watch a movie - not sure yet and tomorrow we will go friends for a brai (BBQ)

Yesterday Liam worked so I took the kids to hockey and then we tried to go to the library but it was closed so we drove down to the funiture shop to look at beds for Nika - her bed is a loan bed friend a friend so it goes back this coming week sometime.  And then we spent the afternoon at a friend drinking coffee and chatting a bit.

I am so grateful and happy to be home on the weekend and public holiday again.  As I explained to a friend yesterday, I am not sure why but I am struggling to feel anything at the moment.  My new job is a little overwhelming but I now ill get used to it soon, and I am trying to just over come the winter and everything else I think but its weird to not  really feel anything...

Im not going to worry about this too much though. Or at least I will try.

Friday, June 6, 2014

What a week!!!!

So that was a week .... and while I sit outside what used to be a favourite restuarant waiting for the kids bus to arrive I'm leaning against my car door listening to Tuks fm on volume 20 feeling the base pulse of sisters of mercy temple of love, panic at the disco and Puddle of mud she hates me  letting the music and the base wash away the horrible vibes of this week and the last 5 months!

Exhausted and relieved and excited (but trying not to overwhelm the feelings of excitement)
I cant believe this week has happened...and I am glad that its over

Gabriel is enjoying his new school and has already made friends.

I was dismissed with immediate effect today

I also got a new job -no weekends and no Shifts!!

All in all not happy about how this all happened but its over and I am looking forward to a new week!