Monday, August 30, 2010

A fresh Start

So iv been pretty quiet on here this past month probably becouse i needed to get some perspective, I was getting far too negative on here than i want to be and then I applied for a job imediatly after the catestorphic meeting ont the first monday of August which sent me into a rage of note that i had to silence and act like i didnt feel.

Long story short i had a telephonic interview that lasted 45 minutes and then the next week was called in for an interview with the MD and that laste and hour and a half which was horrible and i put the thought of getting the job out of my head becouse it was totally not happening and then i got another call and was asked to comein and have a second (third?) interview with the MD and the Finacial director and the operations manager. Which I did, it was another tough interview and Once again I left feeling like it was totally not going to happen only for me to get a call on Friday asking if id like the job!!

Yipee!!! Yay me. Another new beggining starting on the 1st of September. (Almost all my new begginings have started onthe 1st of September - its WEIRD)

So Its my birthday tomorrow and Im having dinner with so many ppl at my house (last year no body RSVP'd) on Friday night and on wednesday i start my new job!!

Im crazy nervouse but oh so happy to be getting this kind of opportunity.

Its going to be a loooooong journey of discovery so i may be scarce for a while again. Hope all is well and positive on your end and if not i can only recommend that you take a moment out to put your life into perspective - it worked for me!!

Monday, August 2, 2010


I know its not exactly fascinating writting here but I'm working on it...

The weekend started off not so good as I found out I was not called to an interview for my 'dream job' and they have already filled the position. To say I was devastated in the most sedate way ever is an understatement. I still did the tortured cry late on Friday evening though.

I think these past few weeks have really taken it out of me and while its Angel man who is working all the late hours (he got home on Friday morning at 5.00) its still been difficult and exhausting and Fridays news was just a lovely cherry on top.

Saturday my friend B came over to help start preparing the pancake dough for our Youth fundraiser and thankfully the kids were sleeping off their flu medicine so we had some time to sort everything out.

We had a fantastic night, i still find peer pressure amazing!! Kids started helping out and taking charge of different areas ( Youth still had to run) and we spent at least 2 hours just socialising with the parishioners and the parents of some of the kids. It was an amazing night filled with loads of laughter and fun. Very enjoyable. And after a late night (12.30) we started again early (7.00) on Sunday and still manged to run out of pancakes.
I must say Sunday was a lot less fun, and a lot more stressful. But once again the Youth was extremely visible and this is very important. i guess the darkness made the difference.
The branding is working and we just have to hope that the hard work pays off eventually.

I still feel like I'm wading in the rough seas but it was good to get the feedback we got and obviously it was a success in terms of finance, which means we can start to really put back into the youth and organise our planner and other social events. I'm excited about this.

Iv also been invited to a youth leadership conference in two weekends time and I'm hoping to be sent to it by the Parish and I'm sure that will boost my current state of mind and who would say no to the potential of spending a weekend with like minded people who have been working with youth a hell of a lot longer than i have. Ill learn and steal ideas etc. Its going to ROCK!!!

So that was basically the weekend and I'm sore and tired and Angel Man is working late again tonight like last night, and probably the whole week again but I'm thinking of the reward of a long weekend and spending some quality time with my angel man! Its been a hard few weeks but its not going to be like this forever I have to look for that light!!