Monday, May 28, 2012

Moving on - and freezing up

So its Monday, and I am sitting on my bed writting this listening to some of my favourite songs. My house is pretty cold  but I dont want to put the heater on... Our cat Clio is keeping me company.

So I have found a new job. Or rather I think it found me...its another friend, and before you can say - but wasnt your last job with a friend as well. Yes it was and yes this is problematic even more so as there is no actual contract involved. I am going to help my friend who has been running a eventing company to run a division of this business for her. I will be soley in charge of the Networking event they have once a month. So I have to find the venues, speakers and do all the negotiations as well as find people to go to these events.

I have been helping her with the actual event once a month - packing gift bags, setting up the registration and running that during the event while doing some networking of my own for my company. (Were I was working)

So now the strange part about this all is that three/four years ago when I was helping AM (Angel Man) with his business - we came up with a concept of a ladies leadership group. The group would meet once a month and if they joined the group full on they got space on the website and preferential rates from each other stuff like that - we were also looking at starting a magazine of some sort or something like that.

So my friends concept is pretty much the same only she is dealing with SME's mostly. The events have been marginally successful. We need to up the numbers a lot though in order to be successful and obviously pay our salaries...

I am excited - I believe in the concept and I know that networking is a good way to do business.  We need to diversify and possibly offer workshops and other concept events...

Probelem is not a lot of people can actually network though - so I think maybe I should suggest a workshop on 'how to network'  ?? Not sure if this will work...

I also get to work from home which will be helpful with AB (Angel Boy) and life in general in many ways - if I can figure out how to manage it all and keep it all together.

So I am excited, scared but excited and hoping that this all works out and I can pull finger and actually make something work instead of failing misserably!!!
So here is hoping...

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