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Aint no fool like an April Fool!

So I see this wonderful life/work coach, her name is Emma and she has spent the last year and a bit helping me to become a better person.
In this time she has asked me the question "What makes me happy?" every single time we see each other except maybe the last 6 month which were consumed with other stuff that I'll talk about later.

The answer to this question is pretty inconclusive considering I don't think I know who I am, I am not sure I have ever known really. And I have varying excuses as to why that is...

This past Monday Emma asked me what 16 year old me loved, and what 16 year old me wanted to do for a living... well - 16 year old me, she was another kettle of fish! I told her she would laugh at me...
16 year old me -
Loved writing poetry and stories and writing for the school paper. She loved to listen to Enya, and draw and paint. She wrote "political and social" pieces and plenty of poetry,  wanted to be a journalist or an architect. Fell in love …

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