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Dear In Laws 1

Dear Eric and Lesley
I was so sorry to hear that our concerns and queries on your progress thus far on the move are making you feel depressed and pressurised.
With the fact that you have by now had over a year to both pack and make the necessary arrangements for your - according to us - imminent move to Johannesburg from Bushmans River we were unaware that you would find our queries on your porgress so difficult. Also our thoughts of what will happen to you, your dogs, possessions and cars in the event that the house is repossess and you lose everthing.
Quin is so right we should all continue to play happy families as if nothing is happening except for Erics 'poor health' issues and pray.
We all know how much of a negative nancy I am and a complete heathen when it comes to praying to God for help, i mean who am I to think that He has bigger things to worry about, such as potential wars, poverty and such. Of course he is going to swoop down any moment now and pay your bond in f…

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