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Happy Fathers Day 2014

Happy fathers day to the special fathers in your lives!

We don't really celebrate fathers day in our home - we (me and the kids that is) made Liam breakfast and the kids gave him their cards.

We will go do some shopping later and then this afternoon Liam will go to his larping event. Luckily its just down the road so he should be home in time for supper.

The kids and I will play games or watch a movie - not sure yet and tomorrow we will go friends for a brai (BBQ)

Yesterday Liam worked so I took the kids to hockey and then we tried to go to the library but it was closed so we drove down to the funiture shop to look at beds for Nika - her bed is a loan bed friend a friend so it goes back this coming week sometime.  And then we spent the afternoon at a friend drinking coffee and chatting a bit.

I am so grateful and happy to be home on the weekend and public holiday again.  As I explained to a friend yesterday, I am not sure why but I am struggling to feel anything at the moment.  M…

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