Monday, May 30, 2011

Yes, another new job

So ja I got another job - one year exactly after the first 'new' job and six months after that.
I am not a Business Development manager for Web and online media. So ja its been another wild ride. To be honest im extremly tired. Im sitting here and wishing i was in bed - this is no good. Iv been getting mjor grief from my report line manager - who is basicly the traffic manager about how im not 'hyper' enough and I need to 'go get em' but im cold calling and its hard, i know i sound like a cry baby. but this is hard cold calling - feel sorry for me pls.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Beautiful Country

I love were I live. I love the town, I love the city and I love the country. When I had the opportunity to leave I said no! I moved further out of town - I traveled 83ks yesterday just getting to work then a work function and then home.
I am struggling to find a school for my son who starts grade one next year. The language preference in our area is Afrikaans - there are only two English schools one of which they don't actually speak English at as the majority of the people speak Tswana. (I think?)
My country is beautiful, our weather is fair, our people are friendly and creative.

I'm just not sure why the most obvious of flaws is not seen by the majority of our citizens. How do you fight for the right to vote and be a part of a democracy and then vote not by what you see - poor service delivery, corruption and lack of responsibility but by some weird allegiance I'm not even sure how it works.

My vote was based on who I believed could do a good job in my area. It was based on the idea that our government needs an opposition. I don't understand why we have all this tiny parties that don't have any way of forging a proper government.
If our politicians love 'the race' so much why don't they run again to form four or two strong parties that an fight a proper fight when it comes to elections.
We all know that the reason such a big deal was made of these elections was to prove that the governing party has not lost its majority- they can now sit on their backsides and continue to do nothing to actually make this country better (I'm talking local here - potholes, electricity crisis, schooling etc) Because they don't need to change - people will still vote, in there masses. The job of an opposition party is to keep the ruling party on its toes. To make sure that the balance of power is always present, that service delivery promises are kept to.

I do understand that this would be in a perfect world but its a nice half thought i suppose