A wonderful weekend

Yes you read that right - *I* had a wonderful weekend.  There is a lot to be said for the saying that says something along the lines of - 'you are the maker of your own destiny'.

We did hockey on Saturday and that did nearly make me lose it a little but i guess I still need to stop over reacting when it comes to the way people are supposed to behave an how they land up behaving.

Sunday Angel man got up and then came back to bed to tell me he had tried to make me heart shaped toast but our toaster was at my mom - he gets an A for effort! I dont want fancy gifts and meals and things I just really want him to see me and think about me like he used to.
He bought me a washing machine - and I really should not be as excited about a washing machine as I am...

After having a small lie in we got up and went to give my mom her gifts, then the husband looked at D's car - it was leaking water. They removed the pipe and while they were doing this we decided to go for breakfast at wimpy. less than 30 minutes later we were all dressed and eating breakfast.

We got home and to be honest im not really sure what we did - the gardener had not arrived so we pretty much stayed inside and the kids played and didnt fight too much. We sorted out remotes and we painted a wall (I am very excited about his - IT LOOKS AWSOME)

But honestly all in all it was a great day, quiet which it hardly ever is. No fighting not too much messing.

I am tired and sore and worried about my meeting at work tomorrow but all in all it was a good weekend and I hope we can have more of those!