May 2012

Sorry for the dull title...but i have lost not only my sense of direction but my sense of humour as well.
So my contract has been cancelled and I was given one months notice - we are one week into that four weeks... I am looking for more working wondering what the hell happened to me and my plans for the future. Its been hard. Iv never been let go - Im always the one making the decision to move along before someone else can say they dont want me.
On the plus side my sons school phoned me on friday and told me they will allow my son to attend the hockey practice with the big kids... at the primary school. This is fantastic news!!
He will be practicing at school four days a week (seems excessive but hey he is super excited about it)

It has brought on an entire weekend of anxiety for me as I have no idea how he is exactly going to get from the pre school to the primary school grounds and back after the practice. he has never had to take care of his own stuff - hockey stick, shin pads, jersey and hat (its freezing out there today) and I am stressing about how he will manage to change out of his uniform and keep all his things together with no one to take car of him.....oi vey!!!! Freaking out!!!

In other news - but related to the work hunt, a friend has offered me a job with her start up company. She does business networking events once a month.  These are really fun and always interesting. Her business partner however recently left the company with all the contacts and so I am stressing that this is not going to do as well as she thinks and I have no idea how to make it happen faster or better or anything like that so I am afraid to take the leap into what would essentially be my own business in a way.

It is something to think about - its not like the jobs I have applied for are beating down my door to hire me so I am not 100% sure its not a good idea - all I can say is watch this space!!