Boy child requests a haircut

So yesteday afternoon on our way home from Play Therapy my son and I were discussing getting his hair cut. As you all know I am not a fan of the haircut that makes my son look his age, but when I told him that I would take him to get it done at the hairdresser on Saturday between Hockey practice and Hockey Round Robin in the afternoon (yes we are that insane and we do need help ;-) He then told me that he wants his hair cut short, so I asked inocently enough 'how short'? I mean lets be honest in a moms mind there are degrees of short right?!? So we used examples of people we know - the one he wanted was 'short like your uncle D' Which is a crew cut on a number 1 blade. Honestly I nearly started to cry!! But I didnt... I was strong! I told him he needs to speak to his dad about cutting it that short, we are talking about a man who was upset with me when I took angel boy to get his last haircut at the hairdresser that was really just a neatened up shaggy hairstyle anyway.

So when his dad got home he did ask him about the haircut.  Poor Angel Man who is also realising and taking strain on the fact that our son is getting big enough to make his own style choices told him if he really wanted short hair we could cut it like that for him (Angel Man has long curly hair and he detests the crew cut with a passion.  He did tell me that it was our sons choice and he needs to decide if he likes to have short hair or not, he hated having his hair cut even as a child but he had no choice)

My brother came down to our house with the cutter and before dinner he shaved Angels Boys hair, his thick hair was a struggle to cut D has never cut anything that thick before!!

 We took photos, he was very excited and when it was over he took a shower to get all the little hairs off and when i tried to dry it, he told me 'No mommy i want it to be up (spiky)' He was very proud of his new look!

This morning he woke up and I could hear him telling his dad 'Look daddy my hair is still short' in absolute awe!!
On the way to school he told me he really like the short hair but his heart doesnt. I told him that he could grow it if he wanted to to which he replied 'no - I like it short'

So that is that. Our 6 year old 'baby' boy has his first chosen hairstyle to go with his first ever chosen pair of shoes and jacket.

Growing up is hard to do - its even harder to watch someone else doing it!!

*** And there you have my first ever post with pictures. I hope you enjoy! **


  1. I can see why you didn't want to cut his hair! He's adorable both ways, but definitely looks older with the buzz cut.


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