Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Almost the last day of winter

So yup its that time of the year again and tomorrow I will be yet another year older...how come the years go faster as you get older?? I have made it through my husbands notorious 'August' client year end function, my dads birthday a week in hospital with my son who had/has bronchial pneumonia and a UTI and a weekend away that cost me double what I budgeted and my mothers 50th. My husband woke me up this morning with my kids singing happy birthday - he thought to day was the 31st, that should give you an indication of how manic the last few weeks have been for us. It was very sweet.
I also met up with an old friend from high school who does not feel like the friendship is worth the effort and I am questioning my current position - again!! My son did his school readiness test and we are waiting for the results on that. My next oldest sister i think im going to try call her brains... is studying for her prelims and is getting ready for her fairwell which is next month. She has been accepted to varsity and res so we are all happy about that if not a bit stressed
So what do we have to look forward to...
My sisters 18th and her fairwell, my younger sisters spring dance, my baby girls 4th birthday - I CANNOT believe she is going to be four in under a month im a bit sad....
my sister in laws birthday and my fathers 3rd anniversary.
AND THE START OF SUMMER - FINALLY!! Its been a long cold winter and im looking forward to the very last day of winter tomorrow - from my fingers to Gods ears!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Life as I know it

Ive been thinking about life and blogging the last few weeks
I am once again in one of those places that is confusing the crap out of me - I should be used to this with my fathers birthday this week it is the beginning of a really difficult time for me but I just dont seem able to manage the sadness or the situation. The down side of the A Type personality maybe?

For the first time I have a whole lot of ideas for blog - posts. Iv not experienced this before, but choosing what to write about is also hard.

I think another problem is the fact that as life is - so many things happen all at the same time, everything on top of one another all around the same time of the year each year.

My sister in law lost her first baby just after my father died in September three years ago. That December, she lost her second baby in an eptopic prenancy which meant she lost the entire tube. She has since struggled for another year and a half almost and lost her third baby in a second eptopic pregnancy on Sunday this time it it burst and she lost loads of blood.
Their very eloquent doctor has told them that they have no other choice but IVF and for those of you who read this blog often you will know some details of our finances - in short IVF is not a choice that can be met at this point.
I feel terrible as all of my sister in laws friends are falling pregnant like mice or cats in heat.... this is a sad situation for them to be in and I wish I could do something but my hands are tied.

Monday, August 15, 2011

A Sad Weekend

Ok so once again it was a sad frustrating weekend that seems to have leaked into this week. Friday I went to an old aquantances moms funeral - her mom died a similar age and circumstance as my dad which I think made it more sad for me. Her mom was such a nice person with a very strong spiritual belief structure and while the girl and I did not always see eye to eye her mom was a really nice person and no one deserves there parents dying!!
There is nothing like a catholic funeral - so so sad!!
Then On Sunday my sister in law lost her third baby in a burst eptopic pregnancy. We are all really sad for her and dont know what to do, say, think. Its just horrible. Im so sad from my brother who would be such an awesome dad.
I started reading blogs of girls who were struggling with infertility so became the household 'expert' but none of those women lost both fallopian tubes. With no real spare money to speak of and no way of getting any they were told Invitro is the only way (other than reconstructing the burst tube which is risky and often unsuccessful) so I have no idea how they will move forward from this or if they even can.
And then in arbitrary news on Friday I visited an old high school friend who I have been trying to reconnect with. We caught up and chatted and I asked her to think about continuing a friendship with me. I got an sms this morning telling me that she does not want to continue with a friendship at all...

And then this morning I got a fine.

So thats that I suppose.

Thursday, August 11, 2011


Hello everyone - I know I owe you the MIL/FIL post but Im practically drowning in work and it upsets me every time I talk about it so Im going to wait on that one for a while. In the mean time Iv always wanted to do one of these meme things so here it is... if you would like to ask me any questions please feel free Im in a weird mood at the moment so there we have it.....

On another note before we begin - I read a lovely blog written by a girl names Sam and I have told absolutly everyone I know to read it - even though I comment and they may 'find' me. There is a small war going on in the comments and its getting really ugly - it makes me so sad to read people be that nasty. The blogs I read are written by articulate funny and interesting people, who have amazing writting skills in my opinion and I aspire to be more like most of them ;-) this 'blog war' makes me very sad indeed.!

Anyway here is the meme....

A= Available - nope married for 8 years this year

B= Best Friend - My husband - it has taken me 8 years to realise this - sorry my love!!

C= Cake or pie - Cake - a thousand times cake!! (but we dont have pie like the Americans so ...)

D= Drink of choice - At the moment water - I feel dehydrated all the time and thats all that helps. I did have a small love affair with Fresca in the 90s though but alas that is no more!!! :-(

E= Essential item you use everyday - My car

F= Favorite color - Im not sure on this one - i know im like a jellyfish!! I do like earthy tones but i like red and purple too

G= Gummy bears or worms - Neither - toothache

H= Hometown - Johannesburg

I= Indulgences - mmmm this one is difficult... frontierville? and lunch with my friend twice a month

J= January or February - what type of question is this??? Other than the fact that its summer both of these months suck!!!

K= Kids and Names - I have two - angel girl and angel boy ;-)

L= Life is incomplete without? - mmmm another hard one... food.

M= Marriage date - summer time ;-)

N= Number of siblings - 3 two much younger sisters and a brother.

O= Oranges or apples - Granny Smith Apples and Strawberries - Oranges give me migranes :-(

P= Phobias or Fears - The dark, dying, losing someone I love.

Q= Favorite Quote - Work like you dont need the money, love like you have never been hurt and dance like nobody is watching. - I think anon?

R= Reason to smile - My angel Man, boy and girl!

S= Season - Spring/Summer

T= Tag 3 or 4 people - I tag everyone that reads this. That means YOU! *wink*

U= Unknown fact about me - Well since I write anonymously here... mmmm I think youll need to ask me?

V= Vegetable you don't like - iv never met a vegetable iv not like, I dont think

W= Worst habit - Cutting my hair when I get really angry. Losing my temper too fast.

X= X-rays - None

Y= Your favorite food - I love food so this is hard.

Z= Zodiac Sign - Virgo

Everyone that reads this is tagged! If you decide to do this tag on your blog, please leave a comment with a link! I would love to get to know you all a little more. :]