Im tired today. The in law sat in our bedroom - were the computer is kept. Letting hubby show him all the cool things he has on it while trying to transfer stuff till 9.30 then picked a fight with me about living overseas vs living in SA. This is a moot point and he and the husband know this, and yet the conversation ALWAYS intails how amazing it is overseas vs here and how brother and sister in law are so amazing being overseas! This never bodes well for a monday night in general and yet I found my blood pressure sky rocketing at 9.30 at night. Once the two of them took the hint to go to sleep and lights were turned off, the dogs started chasing down the drivway and barking at nothing outside so for over an hour the husband tried to get them to stop. Eventually i must have dozed off but then the Boychild was having nightmares so i got up to masage his hands and ears (this helps sometimes) but about an our later he started again waking the little sister up. Both game bouncing into the room girlchild more than boy, i took the boy back to their room and left the girl and hubby in my bed and i tried in vain to sleep in her bed.
Needless to say but today i am cranky i have over 3 weeks filing to catch up, figures to double check and emails to delete and some covering up and hiding of stuff to do. I have a horrible sinusy, tiredy headach going on thats been with me since last night and absolutly no ambition to work!! POOR ME!