Movie Night

Well Saturday night went as well as i could have expected it to, all things considered... We were perpetually late all day, our caregiver did not pitch to look after the kids so we landed up taking them both with us... none of the kids landed up there on time, so i had no idea if i was going to land up walking down to make the anouncement alone or not. The powerpoint presentation didnt work for some reason and only one song worked. The kids that volunteered to waitress for the adult event didnt get fed and so got fed up with me but didnt tell me that they had not been fed. The kids all complained about the movies that were chosen and the brand of chips that the committee had donated to us for the night.
We could only feed half of the kids as the comitee had under catered for the youth and so we had loads of kids high on suger from the sweets with nothing to bring them down. The Seniors landed up playing soccer outside instead of watching the movie, and about 40 kids pitched most of them new kids to youth which added to the strain of just hubby and i working with them with virtually no help from anyone!!
Woke up on sunday feeling like a truck had driven over me, only for hubby to be on his way to work had to deal with the toddlers almost all day on my own while fielding a massive migrane - youd think id been partaking of the copious amounts of left over sherry on saturday, not dealing with a horde kids from 4 - 18!!
And now we start the work week all over again with 3 orders of pancakes for the youth fundraiser next week!! Woe is me i think i need my bed!!