Yes its friday, finally and what i thought was going to be a weekend filled with fixing leaky taps and sorting out lights in my kitchen has turned out to be a weekend were my hubbys father will be driving up from PE arriving tonight at about 8.00 and staying till next week wednesday going to interviews and i suppose visiting his son and grandkids...
While i stress at the fact that i recently turned our spare room into a dumping ground for the rest of the house and we dont actually have a spare matress for the spare bed, hubby is totally calm and asking me why im so stressed.
Very good question! this weekend has turned into a huge mess. We were going to be off from Youth duty but one of the other leaders has had his days leave retracted and no one else seems willing to give up their snuggly beds on the coldest day of winter thus far! We were going to the 30th birthday of a good friend that i last saw on my own birthday in august last year!! Now we can only go after youth...
And to top it all off i sliced my finger open in the worst cut i have ever given myself smack bang in the middle of my index finger - its bad enough for me to think i may need stitches, this is when i am more than a little upset that i have no medical aid its been bleeding for a few hours and throbbing!
Anyway, TGIF indeed. Im looking forward to some window shopping for gift this afternoon then tea with my mom and whatever else the weekend has to offer! Hope you enjoy yours!