Work week vs weekend

Okay Okay I know i promised to post every day but its not my fault i promise. Work has its internet with interserve or whoever has the problem with seacom so our internet is basically non existant!! (or at least thats what the provider is blaming it on at this point)

Anyhoo, its been a busy week of clearing up personal stuff off of computers and mailing to my gmail account. Printing flyers for the youth fundraiser in two weeks, making banners organising projectors and snacks for saturday nights movie night and trying to get hold of the kids to remind them what to wear for the presentation during mass. What else... Starting to organise the stuff we need for the fundraiser and doing some needling to find out if our Parish council sees me fit to be their stand in youth/evangelisation rep. Trying to find out who will be going with me to WYD2011 and .... oh yes and i did some actual work as well.... ;-)

So far so good. Iv spoken to almost all the relative parties (all without actually calling them - this is prohibeted at my place of work!) So for now we seem to be on track. I still have to buy the snacks and make the popcorn and then tomorrow is the big set up and our coming out to the Parish 'show' should be great fun, im tired though and wish things could run more smoothly but until we have an established programme thats not going to happen.

Its still cold here, even though im sure its warmer outside than in the factory office im sitting in. I wish summer was here, but with 22 kids almost regular at youth imagine what the summer warms will do? (i get all excited and breathless just thinking about it)

Iv also realised that there is no way I can study accounting or bookeeping now. Its just really not my passion at all, and as far as im concerned iv spent long enough doing jobs that I hate just to earn a living! Its time I started to think about his properly!