Its not monday but it is still work!

So I have this new job were I am the only sales person for a new product. Its software and im not really sure what I am doing. I will be honest I can sell ice to an eskimo no jokes but this product is a bit more difficult to implement than ice.
I need an IT kind of person to do the implimentation and training. The people currently doing this or rather the person doing this doesnt want to work with the product anymore. The financial manager wont employ new ppl and the current product manager - the only person who really know the back end is completly unable to train ppl and is on a permanent go slow due to his own work apathy issues!
Iv been told that I need to work on the budget for next year but becouse there is no history I cant only give estimated sales figures - but thats what they want. Im a bit more than just confused!!
Im working myself into a stand still. My brain actually hurts! I have this enormous pain in my neck and no idea how the hell im supposed to launch this product into the point the MD wants it with this much BS going on in his company!
I know you should never talk about work on the internet but this is basicly all my life is able to handle at this point. I dont know which way to turn!

I have an almost 5 year old boy with no party planned becouse of a selfish friend who changed her plans and forgot to tell me.
I have two toddlers at home from the 10th of December to the 10th of January, and no one to look after them.
I have a family who doesnt seem able to make a final decision about what we are doing for christmas and no way of compramising.
And christmas three weeks away.
no bonus given at the hubbys company
7 years of marriage not really celebrated.
I cant find that hole i crawled into last year!!