Good weekend was had by all who count

So I feel a bit better today. Instead of spending the weekend working like i promised myself I would. I decided to spend it with my family. Friday night Angel Man rented "how to train a dragon" fo rthe kids which we landed up watching with them while munching on homemade pizza. Lovely movie and the kids love love loved it!!
Saturday we went to an open day at a school we are looking at for angel boy. It looks like a fantastic school but fees are well over our price range with two little munchkins!! Spent the afternoon with my mom and sisters over a quiet lunch of my favourit rolls and cold meats with dessert of pasteish de nata (sorry cant spell and too lazy to check it) very yummy. Watched a seriously bad movie - brothers.
Sunday Angel man decided he felt like checking out the magalies markets so we got ready loaded kids and set out. turned out to be a major bust so we drove to Harties instead which was much better. Found these awsome pictures by Ann Gadd (dont know how to hyperlink) very cute!! and some other funky stuff. Its nice to be able to look at stuff again its been too long.
Sunday afternoon we did a braai with my mom sisters brother and sister in law coming over. It was nice and not too much fighting happened.
Early night and now at work. Same shit different day how boring!! need to get ready to go to a client that I totally forgot about. i dont have client clothes on today - oh well!!