Im here - thank god!

Oh my word - its been ages since I could get online and get back here - I missed you and im sorry, i promise I wasnt ignoring you and I will come back soon. Dont be sad little blog!!
So I totally got the job, on the same day that we got handed over and our house got reposessed! On my birthday too!
Its a wild ride! But after some serious praying and begging and pleading we finally got through to the attorney who agreed with us that it was actually a mistake and although we do owe a substantial amount of money we had been showing them that we wanted the house. So we were told to make a payment of R20k to stop the aution which was set for my daughters birthday the following month and then we could make an arrangment.
We finally got the R20k a week before they asked for it and then they agreed to restructure the bond back to the original amount - down the tube goes the last 4 years!! BUT on a positive side we have a house and roof over our head a loan we can afford to pay back I have a fantastic job which has enormous potential and Im so excited about that I dont sleep very well anymore, but that is a small price to pay with the knowledge that things are truly back on track and a decent christmas is on the cards amoungst some other exciting stuff.
So whats goin on in your lives?
Iv recently found THE MOST AWSOME BLOGGER her name is SAM and im going to try add her blog to my blogs i love sidebar thingy, here is her blog read it its amazing!!
Otherwise its friday afternoon everyone except the big bosses have left and me that is and we have a busy afternoon/night ahead of us - no rest for the recently put back on ones feet.
Have a good weekend