Life as I know it

Ive been thinking about life and blogging the last few weeks
I am once again in one of those places that is confusing the crap out of me - I should be used to this with my fathers birthday this week it is the beginning of a really difficult time for me but I just dont seem able to manage the sadness or the situation. The down side of the A Type personality maybe?

For the first time I have a whole lot of ideas for blog - posts. Iv not experienced this before, but choosing what to write about is also hard.

I think another problem is the fact that as life is - so many things happen all at the same time, everything on top of one another all around the same time of the year each year.

My sister in law lost her first baby just after my father died in September three years ago. That December, she lost her second baby in an eptopic prenancy which meant she lost the entire tube. She has since struggled for another year and a half almost and lost her third baby in a second eptopic pregnancy on Sunday this time it it burst and she lost loads of blood.
Their very eloquent doctor has told them that they have no other choice but IVF and for those of you who read this blog often you will know some details of our finances - in short IVF is not a choice that can be met at this point.
I feel terrible as all of my sister in laws friends are falling pregnant like mice or cats in heat.... this is a sad situation for them to be in and I wish I could do something but my hands are tied.