A Sad Weekend

Ok so once again it was a sad frustrating weekend that seems to have leaked into this week. Friday I went to an old aquantances moms funeral - her mom died a similar age and circumstance as my dad which I think made it more sad for me. Her mom was such a nice person with a very strong spiritual belief structure and while the girl and I did not always see eye to eye her mom was a really nice person and no one deserves there parents dying!!
There is nothing like a catholic funeral - so so sad!!
Then On Sunday my sister in law lost her third baby in a burst eptopic pregnancy. We are all really sad for her and dont know what to do, say, think. Its just horrible. Im so sad from my brother who would be such an awesome dad.
I started reading blogs of girls who were struggling with infertility so became the household 'expert' but none of those women lost both fallopian tubes. With no real spare money to speak of and no way of getting any they were told Invitro is the only way (other than reconstructing the burst tube which is risky and often unsuccessful) so I have no idea how they will move forward from this or if they even can.
And then in arbitrary news on Friday I visited an old high school friend who I have been trying to reconnect with. We caught up and chatted and I asked her to think about continuing a friendship with me. I got an sms this morning telling me that she does not want to continue with a friendship at all...

And then this morning I got a fine.

So thats that I suppose.