Looking for positives

I remember why I stopped blogging...
I am perpetually angry, upset or sad about something.
I seem to never be happy  - or almost incapable of happiness.

Whats the point of writting if you only have a depressing outlook at life? who the hell wants to read that? its just so much of darkness!
Nobody thats who!!

So I have gone in a full circle - from upset, crying and totally lost to happy and positive. strong and sure i can face what is coming in my future all the way back down to despondent and unhappy.

Ok so happy things - Dominique received Gold for Contemporary Dance, and Silver for Lyrical and Belly dance. She was awarded Most improved 2019 as well as came in 13th in the top 15 dancers 2019!!
She also entered and competed in the Miss Lantern competition. She didnt place but she had lots of fun and she looked amazing!!

Gabriel after weeks and weeks of prep got to be on the raft at Kontiki, which is a raft building Scout completition.
He helped build the raft the day before it launched and spent a night with 5 other boys on the dam.
He was in his element and loved every second even though their team did not win the rafting or overall competition.

He really loves the Scouts so much, I mean I always knew he would but now he is getting the full benefit of it.
In fact he is away campi g with the 1st Eagles again this weekend.

This week has been veey interestin. The above was written weeks ago and now im revisiting past posts

This week has been incredible. Starting rith a weekend of arguments and tears. All mine obviously. To me starting Monday writting thedesr eric and lesley post. Even though i actually didnt finish it ... I got it out and then buckled down working at my actual job ;-) and then posted as is. When i got home ... Almost bed time for the kids poor babies Iv barely seen them this week.  Anyway after bedtime I read the the post to Liam. He laughed. In a good way. And we talked it over but after that talk i felt lighter and less burdened by the situation.
On tuesday I spoke to Anel a lady from the dyslexia association of SA. What a lovely lady. And she explained what dyslexia means for Gabriel with his actual diagnosis. And its difficult but i have to stay positive right? She gave me specific things that I need to ask the therapist at school and she spoke about things I have not efen thought of yet like him doing his learners licence. Oi vei. I cant explain it but it really was a positive conversation.
This week we dlso had both kids assesed by a therapist (she doesnt like using the term) who specialises in learning techniques. She 'blind' testedthem onher request so had no knowledge of specific learning issues other than the add and adhd.
When I spoke to her on Thursday after Gabriels assesment she said of her own volition she had picked up issues and described them the same way that Anel had described them. She also mentioned what she picked up when testing Nika. Something we know is also on that dyslexia spectrum but will only know for sure after week 2 of the new term. She will give us a full report on Monday afternoon which is exciting for me. I think she will be very helpful and im glad she was refered to us. Weirdest part...when liam and the kids got to her she recognised the kids from pre school!! She did music and movement class with them for 4 years i think!! What a small world right.
On wednesday on the way home I was listening to a radio show with a guy whos company is Retire Rich and Happy. He is very interesting and always makes me feel like finally 1 other person actually understands what being a 'financial planner' actually is. The way I wanted to be when I was in the bank. He was discussing how to work out how much you need to put away to keep your current lifestyle or incomec after you retire ... Very depressing. I made a comment like i do every week. I think they are getting toknow me by now ... Anyway they called the next day and set up an intro meeting and dave me 2 tickets to his talk in July. I thought that was a win!!!
On Thursday even with an additional brief I met half my deadline snd presented the A3 prihted screen shots to client with my 2 big bosses to see. We were at the experience centre for a team build lunch thats were her works. And he seemed happy with it. And ladt night I emailed the lR screen shots which are also done which means I met all my deadlines so to speak and the ball is in their court now!!
Still lots to do fo I kinda hope he drops the ball so I have Monday and Tuesday for final link checks which honestly after working till 9 in the evening 3 out of 5 days this week I am finished!!
So the weekend has begun and im sick of Liams snoring! Im off to make a well deserved coffee!