Apologies and. missed opportunities

So ... First up - I'm so sorry you must think I am horrible .... I. Just found all the comments on all my blog posts that I swear have not come through till now! Thank you so much for all your comments and offers of prayer and thoughts and love - today of all days I really really need it! Love back to all of you and your families too - so happy to read your posts. And see the growth and changes happening - it gives. Me hope!
That is to OTR Girl and Em - you two  and also Phillip who pops by now and aain (I think)
Anyway I am alive - I had this awsome post plotted in my head for 1 May hver get round to being super busy in every way possible and now I have gone again done a full 180... the more things change the more they stay the e tey say...
But ys I a bggin from my Black b s apologies for isane ping a pssible sing errors but I annot actually see what  typing -the oys  pomise ill  back to xplain - csorry hope is not to d :-D