Keep on keeping on...

So I finally comandeered the husbands laptop - my previous semi cryptic not completly explained in full post was written on my Blackberry which for some reason does not allow me to scroll down so Im limited to a teeny tiny couple of paragraphs...

Anyhoo - it took the insurance/builders to build my mothers house again in only 6 weeks from start to finish, they have moved in and are currenly looking at getting a few things to finish of the house - for instance additional shelving tv cabinets etc.
They were blessed with new clothes beds, fridges and pretty much all necesseties but obviously there was a whole lot of stuff that wasnt replaced and cant be replaced...we go through the motions of not remembering these things or to try not to talk about it too much, it is a bit hard to be honest.

Back on the ranch we have moved our son back to his old school.  We also found out that he has been accepted to the primary school we wantedhim to go to so we will be saving a bit f money on school fees next year. He will also be able to do cricket, swimming, judo tennis and hockey - he will be a very happy boy!!

On the job front the whole 'closer to home but less money' thing didnt work out. Im working on the business my brother and I started doing a lift service for kids in an around the area. 
Im still looking for a job so we will see what happens in the next few months!!

Its the baby girls 5th birthday next week - I.CANT.BELIVE.SHE.IS.FIVE.ALREADY- FREAKING OUT!!!!

Its 15 weeks till the end of the year - I cant wait for 2012 to end - this year has just been to hard!