Yet another new beggining??

So its 6.21 in the morning...i didnt sleep very well or at all really last night. I have a second interview this morning as a temp receptionist at the local hospital.
I dont know how i feel about this 'career change' but i know that I cant keep working for the people im working for now, its just such a mess. How do I keep getting myself into these sorts of situations I have no idea..on the other hand although the reception Job is MUCH less money than what i have sort of been used to its almost exactly what I have been putting out into the world and praying for...
1.  No Cold Calling
2.  Working for a big Corporate (the hospital is part of one of the two big Hospital groups in SA)
      (although Ill be subcontracting through an agency - which is a good thing sometimes too)
3.  Close to home - it takes about 15 minutes to drive there - although iv never tried it in peak hours
4.  Needs to work with the fact that Angel Man leaves for work at 6 and I would have no one to help me with the kids if I also had to start work or leave for work early - today is just for the interview that I need to be there so early...

So I guess if i get the job today I m getting exactly what I asked for although I cant help but feel like I am going backwards - again!!
I was a receptionist in my very very first real job!!

i am super grateful for the opportunity I know that the work market totally sucks at the moment and any salary more than minimum wage is better than no salary at all which is what I am getting now.

I also realised that being up this early even though I didnt sleep, it felt good to get dressed up and I know the ride out there is going to be great - there is nothing better than driving around at a time when everyone else is sleeping or only just getting up.

If anyone read this now - send love light prayers or whatever you send that this is the path that God wants me to be on - that is my only request that it be his will and not mine.

Thanks for all the support everyone its very much appreciated.


  1. How did it go?! That sounds like something stable that won't be as draining as your last few jobs. That might be good for you and your family: less money, but less stress.

    Praying for discernment...


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