Why I hate Facebook

So below here is my response after 13 other comments on a friends facebook status yesterday that said "so many causes on FB so little action..." after I shared this video -


to which my response to him was to ask him what was he doing about the lack of action.

at the risk of being called names again today by strangers id just like to say sorry to Shaun for calling him a child - the comment was actually meant for Kaleem - who by the way iv know for over 15 years and is my friend, so by default i can call him that as i know him and we understand how we think and what our reactions to certain situations are ... on the other hand Bryden - you dont know me. you dont know if i work for unicef, if i give them money every month or actually anything about me and in fact you probably dont care. your just another hater on facebook who thinks its his right to slam people publicly that you dont know anything about. I have the right to an opinion and i have the right to have friends stand up for me when there friends slam me... your probably all right and 99% of the people sharing that video arnt going to do anything, hence my original question - if your sick of people clicking things and saying they stand for somethign the point of social media is that we can actually be accountable to ourselves and our friends and ask them what they are doing about any particular cause... if at all. if not well thats your choice isnt it. But maybe the 1% will start something today that will change the world!

As you probably guessed the reaction was bad. So bad in fact that a stranger - one of my friends facebook friends called me amoungst other things a hipocrit and a potential litterer.

I am actually shocked at how upset I am about this.

Im not 100% sure why.  Is it becouse my friends basicly allowed a stranger to call me names publicly? Is it becouse these people were comparing the atrocities of Uganda to our border country Zimbabwe's issues (they really just ousted all the white people from that country or made it so hard for the white farmers to live there they all left)
Is it becouse the majority of the people my age in the country that I live are so terrified of a potential war breaking out here that we do nothing about the fact that we dont really live in a democracy. or at least not a real democracy?
Is it that I am upset that the people who live on the African Continent do NOTHING to help their neighbours and that we have to rely on a nation thousands of kilometers away to do the heavy lifting for us while we sit with our heads in the sand?

It is my understanding that the Kony2012 initiative is to bring Joseph Kony into the media spotlight. Which can be done - (even if we leave it just to the Americans to fight lets say) by me sharing the video on FB I have friends who live in America and Canada. They may not know about the Kony2012 initiative. They may want to be involved. They may add to the thousands of Americans who are fighting this 'war' against Joseph Kony - they may tip the balance - who knows right?

The sheer apathy on FB yesterday made me very sad.  It made me thing that I have brought my children into a world were people just dont care about anyone. It makes me sad to think that some people think that social media is going to change the world we live in and give ordinary people a voice but there are so many more people that couldnt give a damb about anyone enough to make that ever possible. In makes me second guess humanity and it makes me second guess my so called friends and I dont like that.