Hair cuts and first days

So I took My son for his second official hair cut - and cried. Yes I shed tears as his hair which has been cut by only me (other than once before) since he was born. He has this really thick course blonde/grey hair that curls like a cherub on its ends.
And with eat slice of the scissors I watched as my little boy turned into a big boy - into a boy going to his first year of REAL school (even though he is redoing grade R he will be in a proper school with a uniform and a suitcase and a proper desk and chari with proper rules and regulations)
Its so sad that the last six years have gone so fast. They have been such hard year for all of us but sometimes I just wish that I could freeze time, when he out of his own comes up to me to kiss me and tell me he loves me, or quietly goes to clean up the mess his baby sister made in his bedroom without me asking. When he tells his 'beste maaijie' (best friend) aunt that he hopes she packed her sun scream for when she moves to University. When he takes me by the hand outside onto our verandah to show me the boodiful sunset, all pink and purple and 'isnt it lovely mommy' he says with a dreamy look on his face or when we drive through the neighbourhood and he points out his favourite houses...
He is such a darling sweet soft hearted boy. A little boy who lovingly hugs and kisses his sister outside his class each morning even if she has irritated him all morning.
He was so brave when we dropped him off his first day - with all the new people and faces. His dad wipped me away before I could even remotely get emotional. But my heart is sore I dont want my baby to get too big to love me and im dreading that stage - I know its a stage but its still heartsore sadness.