Update on exhaustion

Ok so i thought i would give you an update on the 'giving away my house fiasco' post.
Please excuse my lack of punctuation and bad spelling blame it on my extreme exhaustion - since I last posted Angel man and I have pulled out all the stops on our house renovation.
So the sunday after that incident we totally restructured the kitchen, the weekend after that he bought wood and built the wall of the once lounge now baby angels room. Im not sure but i think that weekend we installed the bathroom taps - much easier than the taps Angel man replaced a few weeks ago this took four hours the plumber wiped off the old taps and replaced it with the new taps in 30 seconds and R250 later!!
Each weekend since then the gardener has been moving rubble from the side of the house to a more convenient to get rid of area of the front garden. He has also been cutting back and pruning all manner of bushes and fruit trees as well as burning wood etc. This coming weekend he will be cutting the lawn - yes I know its winter but it will make it tidier as well as grow better in summer. This past weekend (we had a bit of a break due to the fact that it was a high of 8 degrees two weekends ago and too cold to work outside and cut wood etc)
This weekend I got a plasterer in to plaster and fix the whole I made between the dining room and what was angel girls room and now is the living room - Im going to call this space 'the great room' yesterday the drip in the ceiling didnt stop all day, this morning the we noticed that the overflow hadnt stopped dripping all night and had wet the inside of the wall and the curtain. - Angel man has called the bond people to send out a plumber - he did that this morning and now its ten to five!! FUN FUN FUN!!
I spent yesterda on my hands and knees washing the cement off of the wooden floors and polishing them as well, becouse Im insane!!
So now all that is left is a toilet seat for the master bedroom and stop gaps for the doors the ceiling in the kitchen and then painting.
We got a quote yesterday to waterproof the roof and re plaster the outside of the house were the water is pooling - grand total of about R10 000.00
Ok so i think your all sick of this rubbish - but those that know me know this is me in my element!
Anyway - on the monday after the fiasco my sister in law emailed me about how excited she is and how my brother now agrees with her etc etc. Liam and I have come to a sort of compromise that I will look at houses and in the mean time we will fix our house. His parents and brother, sister in law and niece are visiting for a week at the end of July so this stuff needed to be done anyway, you know I have standards people. We have found a house on auction that we are trying to look at but the owner isnt very happy so we have not seen it yet. Our decision is that we will stick to the deadline of August - if we havnt found a place by then we will aggresivly apply for a bond for this house - which works for me. My sister in law continues to send angel man updates on houses that we might be interested in and the two of them are looking for places for them to rent. They are avoiding talking about it openly to us so we are just doing the fixing etc and taking each day one step at a time. This isnt perfect and Im trying to build myself up to the fight that may or not happen. I think Im going to just bite the bullet and take it like. um a man? ;-) For now Im going to try stay awake long enough to get home and take a hot bath - my freezing cold shower last night really didnt do it for me I just hope our geyser lasts till tomorrow.


  1. Agh! My comment got erased cause I forgot to verify.

    Anyway, just saying that I thought I was busy and overwhelmed until I read the last two posts. Wow. That sounds like a really intense situation.

    Hang in there. I hope your brother can see your side of things...


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