:-( SAD

So my inlaw visit is over - as quickly as it happened, its over and we are left more than a little sad and upset and out of sorts.
I enjoyed the time with my sister in law and to meet my only adorable niece!! My goodness she is CUTE!!!! I could eat her with a spoon! My children also love her to pieces and have spent the week playing beautifully with her and taking care of her and loving her and now they are gone and we are all sad.
I enjoyed catching up with my sister in law and hearing what goes on in her life now that they live over the ocean and how she is keeping herself busy.
But the time was just too short and filled with a lot of nastyness from my FIL which ill fill you in on in another post.
This post is all about my darling sweet teeny tiny niece NL and her mama and papa.
I didnt think id missed them much - they've been gone for over three years and I can count on my one hand the total times we have skyped them. Only slightly less than the amount of emails we have exchanged and chatted on facebook.
But wow i did miss them my SIL especially, mixed feelings about the BIL though which is weird but true.
i wish we could have had more planned and I wish we hadnt all been sick and I wish that the weather had stayed warmer but hey they did choose to visit us in JULY!!!
So I dont actually have much to say as for all the work and effort put in to accomodate the family we had the 'big family lunch' on saturday and i spent the day preparing cleaning setting up and cleaning again . We got a few (two) family pics taken and a few of all the cousins that my kids wont see for another year and longer. Then a family friend visit on sunday. Monday was a late start so we didnt accomplish much and the weather cooled down from over 20 degrees to under 5 and that just made everyone want to sleep. Tuesday I landed up with a stomach bug so came home early and then slept most of the afternoon. Wednesday took my SIL and niece to visit someone and picked the kids up early so they could have some extra play time and then it was the night time routine.
I tried explaining to Angel boy that last night was there last night with us but he doesnt really understand why - its very sad.
This morning we all said goodbye and i dropped the kids and went to work.
So like i said its weird and its sad and its over...