Describe a talent or flaw that seems to be in your gene

I drive too fast! thats from my dad, this is both a talent and a flaw. While its dangerous to drive fast, I do love it so much!!!
i call people "asssssshooools" in traffic but no were else (you cant get the true effect without hearing it in real life sorry)
And I scream ... a lot! I scream when Im cross and I scream when Im happy, and my entire family scream a lot too - its very loud for the "outsiders"


  1. I had the "drive fast" gene too, directly from my father the Air Force pilot. I remember sitting in the back of his RX-7 (not the back seat, mind you, as the thing didn't even have a back seat, but laying on the back flat area beneath the bubble glass) as he drove 120 miles an hour down the freeway.

    However, I found that I had no trouble slowing down once I had kids. So perhaps you can outgrow such things . . .


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