So that didnt happen

Ok so that Zeitgeist thing didnt happen - November left and December attacked me. How the heck did that happen?!!
Spent the weekend busy and trying to control my anger. Not easy but at least I managed to more or less avoid the people Im actually angry at and not displace the anger on those ppl I love. So that was ok. Still trying to figure out why being a grown up is so difficult!!
The husband, drew the final design for my mothers extention and we made a final decision that they will move back into the original cottage while they save the money for the renovation and then while its being done they will stay with us. In the mean time Ill do my renovation which will open up the space so when they do move in with us it wont be horrible (my extention is only costing a few thousand rand agains about 50k we need for my moms incase your wondering why I dont just do the renovation for my mom before they need to come back home)
The design is lovely and her house will be more than doubled in size and almost as big as the main house! I cant wait to start!
We also have Angel boys birthday braai to sort out for next saturday, not sure yet who all will be around to make it but im hoping that it stops raining so we can do it outside!
The boy is turning 5 and I am seriously in shock over this! Im not sure how that happened but it has.
Work sux a little at the moment. I think that I should have started in the new year rather than when I did. Maybe after a break my boss and co worker would have been in better moods toward the product. I could be totally wrong about this but the total lack of commitment from them is driving me totally nuts!
Also the husband has the kids at work with him becouse I cant have them here ( my desk is in the call centre) and his offices flooded over the weekend. I really wish I could take my leave now but i have so many loose ends that I cant sort out becouse of the lack of commitment of my coworkers. Its a really horrible place to be in worse somehow than a rock and a hard place!!
I hope things will settle down or something positive will happen in the next few hours otherwise I may just explode!!


  1. (Got your comment - I've been posting pretty steadily, wonder why you couldn't see it?)

    Hope all the moving and home-construction is done by now and everyone's happily settled in their bigger homes!


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