Thursday, August 27, 2009

Promises, promises

i promised myself i would write here now that i have a bit more internet access but this month has been completly insane!! i mean from every single angle. For instance its nearly midnight on a night after many many bad nights with the kids that i promised myself that i would go to be really early and look at me now still up trying to blog even though i can barely see straight...
This month has been traumatic. I should not expect much from August as it is normally difficult to get through if only logistically becouse of birthdays literally each week but it was the firs birthday after my fathers death so it was more difficult than normal... add to this the fact that Gabriel is regressing becouse of therapy and that means really bad nights and not so good days, Nika has had bad chest colds and normal stuffy nose issues and is currently crying in her bed cos i forgot her dummy...
a person i thought was a good friend has issues with my strength of character, and the way i believe from a faith point of view which has made me serously doubt our friendship after nearly 4 years of working on it which has made me rethink all my friendships...which is exhausting
And last but certainly not least i have a dreaded 'big' birthday coming up which id far rather just ignore but i cant...
At least i rented out 2 properties even if i did spend my childrens saving last month - naughty naughty mommy!
Sleep tight bunnies im off to keep a baby quiet!

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