I love blogs

Iv been catching up on my blog reading and having a bit of a laugh at whats been going on in the bloggers lives. I find it amazing that when it comes down to it we humans are all pretty much the same and depending on our choices go through pretty much the same experiences with similar outcomes...
I was talking to my sister yesterday about blogs she is 15 and here in SA we dont really have much internet access unless you are wealthy or work at a job that you need access, its really expensive for us even though my husband is a multimedia designer we need all the internet time we buy for work and I only get to go online when the internet time is about to expire like today... hence the lack of posting...I go online and copy then past the month into my email drafts and then read at leasure - its a pain and no pictures but well worth it to keep 'in touch'
Anyway back to my sister... she was asking what i read and if its all what she called 'parent blogs' and i tried to explain how i found all the people i read and realised that although theyare all linked in one way or another im really not sure how i found most of them.
There are three men one is an amazing photographer/journaliste he is an amazing writter and writes the most amazing thought provoking things and almost forces me to think outside of my little box. The next works in sort of publishing he is hilarious although he has not been as funny this past year - its been a tough year for him but he continues to keep his head and sense of humor up. the last of the men is a metal artist and stay at home dad. He is passionate about his children and is also an amazing writter, deep thought provoking stuff comes out of his blog, he makes me want to be a better mom.
The women on my blog list (bar one) are all moms, with variety in jobs and amount of children some are SAHM's others not and as i have been reading the last six months and some more than that i have been given a glipse into each of there lives. The funny the sad and the down right identical feeling of being almost alone in this world. And the need to use writting as a carthartic way to deal with our lives. Iv stuck with these writters some of which have a huge following like Julia and Tertia who can get over 100 comments on any given day to the few who have only a hand full of faithful readers.
And yet they all still write and they are all still just living ordinary lives. In the US, in SA not much changes when you have kids they do things that kids all over the world do and it is hilarious to read the outcomes of those actions in each of my 'blog friends'.
What is also the same in each of these peoples is the passion for their children and for their art be it metal art, writting, journalism, fertility, charity in hospitals, the passion is what makes me read them and keep reading them. They have become people who i care about, even though they dont know who i am, that doesn't matter becouse they have changed my life...made me think more than i would have, brought a different perspective on things, made me realise im not alone in this world and most important of all they live their lives passionatly and provoke me to do the same.