Mizasiwa - new and improved!?

So this will be my... oooooooooooh 4th blog... i keep losing them. This probably has something to do with the fact that i start them just as im about to move - department, job etc and tend to lose the passwords. Im no good at remembering especially not when the system puts it straight into ... (impagine those dots higher and bigger) then my brain cant even register. Yes yes i hear you telling me to write them down but seriously i just keep forgetting to do this or i do and i forget were i wrote it down, i cant even blame porridge brain as im no longer pregnant but seriously this is the last time i promise i have kindly asked Mozilla to remember me and iv writting the passwords down in my diary and iv emailed myself the password too so i should be ok... heres to hoping!!

So back on the ranch the last time i posted on my old blogspot blog i ranted on about how my family were ruining my life and selling my house and stuff. Well that didnt happen part of us pulled together and made a concerted effort to save the house and fix it up and although this has been slow its been better than the alternative.

You can have a look:

Excuse the ranting - I do this!!

So now beside the buckling down and sorting stuff out my house is still falling apart but my family life is pretty good. Kids have settled (after a month) into their new school and my darling boy child has spent two nights dry i am amazed!!! all this due to a new aproach on feeding him. Although it all pretty much happened simultaneously i do know that giving him protein in the form of peanut butter on a spoon or eggy in the window or something like that im not saying too much as this is a huge milestone for us - no more horrible underpants every afternoon, no more major temper tantrums and no more night time nappies - LIFE IS AWSOME!!!!!!